Bihar Police Go Digital: Social Media Sleuths Crack Down on Crime


Patna: The Bihar Police have significantly modernised their operations, extending their reach beyond traditional police stations to various social media platforms. This shift has enabled swift action on complaints received online and facilitated the monitoring of individuals suspected of criminal activities. The Bihar Police’s Social Media Center has been instrumental in addressing issues related to social harmony and religious fanaticism, often propagated through fake accounts. This proactive approach has earned appreciation from the public, highlighting the Social Media Center’s role as a ‘first responder’ in crime prevention.
Rapid Response to Harsh Firing Incident
A recent example of this effective strategy occurred on May 5, when a complaint was lodged on social media about a young man brandishing a pistol at an orchestra event in Mairwa, Siwan district. The Social Media Center promptly directed the local police to investigate and take necessary action. The suspect was apprehended the following day. Such swift responses have become routine for the Social Media Center, which operates around the clock, particularly vigilant during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections to ensure a peaceful and fair electoral process.
In another instance, a viral video featured Prashant Yadav from Sitamarhi performing dangerous stunts. The Social Media Center identified him and informed the local police, who subsequently confiscated his Bullet bike. Yadav had been causing disturbances and inciting others to do the same. Similarly, a viral reel from Gopalganj showed a young man displaying a weapon. The Social Media Center tracked the individual, leading to his arrest within hours with a country-made pistol.
Cracking Down on Suspicious Accounts
Over the past two months, the Social Media Center has identified more than 300 suspicious accounts across various platforms, forwarding them to the Economic Offences Unit (EOU) for further action. As a result, dozens of these accounts have been shut down, and several FIRs have been filed. Common complaints addressed by the Social Media Center include reckless stunts on bikes, the display of weapons, and attempts to disrupt social harmony.

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